God Bless the Country

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Painted exclusively and endorsed by Country Living Magazine. 

Beautiful giclee produced in the USA. Comes gallery wrapped and ready to hang, no framing required.

Testimonial on this artwork:

"My younger brother served in the Marine Corps for 9 years. He served 3 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was always on the front lines, in the fight, doing what needed to be done. During these tours, he came close to losing his life a few times. Luckily for him, and us, he always had his guardian angel guarding his back. He made it home to us, to his wife and 3 children, to our family. He lost quite a few men over there that served with him...one was his best friend. He carries that around with him and feels responsible for his loss. My brother was very proud to be a marine, very proud to fight for our country, very proud to be an American! He put others in front of his own safety. He is now a police office and continues to put his life and safety on the line. I am extremely proud of my brother for the service he has and continues to give to this country. He will never admit it and doesn't want thanks for what he does..he says he is just doing his job. He is a brave and honorable man and I am blessed that he is my brother!" -Danielle