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Hey friend! Deann here. I'm an artist, a wife, a mama, and a believer, and I love what I do for a living. For the past decade, I have had an open working studio located inside an old stove factory, just south of Nashville, Tennessee. I create and paint with layers reminiscent of tree bark or peeling barn paint, with a muted color palette. Although my subject matters vary, lately I've been working on barns, crosses and angels. Learning to trust the process and the journey has made all the difference for me. To utilize artwork as the channel to inspire, bring hope, honor our past, and make a connection on a deeper level is my motivation and conviction. I believe that true calling comes when passion meets purpose. Thank you for allowing me to do that. From my factory studio, come along with me as I continue to add layer upon layer to my story. Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the store! xoxo Deann

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Deann Hebert

I love where I live, and in my paintings I seek to tell the stories of our collective past, the rich history of the South, and to inspire the viewer to listen to our ancestors voices and not just see but cherish our old places and the lives they have influenced.

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