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Here’s the deal…we, like so many of you, have admired and loved and ooh’ed and awe’d and imagined pieces of her work in our own homes for some time now. “I’ll take one of those and one of those and one of those, please & thank you.”-- Jolie Sikes, The Junk Gypsies


I actually picked up a magazine at my beauty salon and saw your painting featured in on of the home layouts. The painting immediately drew my attention. I loved the soft colors and barn featured. Googled you when I got home and was hooked!!!! The barns remind me of the ones my Grandpa built. I grew up in rural Illinois on an acreage and visited my Uncle and Aunts farm frequently, where many hours were spent milking cows and stacking bales of hay in their barn. One of your barns is identical to theirs!!! I purchased this one as a gift for my Little sis and her hubby at Christmas time. They loved it! Thanks for sharing your gift and creating wonderful memories! -- Marsha Y.


The two angel portraits that I purchased last Fall were two very special gifts for two very special people in my life . My hope is that I will be able to purchase more of tie work for myself very soon! It is a blessing to see your work and would be a real gift to myself to have one of your angel portraits in my home! Thank you for your talent and to me it is also a ministry of Our Lord's love ! -- Miriam W. 


I "discovered" Deann's art in a magazine, "Where Women Create" and it was love at first sight. Her style of painting with the palette knife is stunning. And her subject matter is "etherial". It floats on the canvas and conveys a spiritual feeling. I will keep following Deann and will eventually own a piece of her art!! -- Leslie G. 


I've had the pleasure of speaking with Deann. She is as genuine as her paintings. When she answered the phone I was star struck!!! Not only is she running a fair company, she is as sweet as you think she is when you look at a photo of her. Some day I hope to own an original painting but the print I own is a treasured piece in my home! -- Kim S. 


I fell in love with Deann's artwork on line. The colors caught my eye first. I use different shades of these colors in my home. When I saw Deann's picture I just knew she had to be as sweet and pretty as her picture. Loved meeting her in her studio in Franklin. Yes, she was just as I had imagined. Just so sweet and beautiful. God has blessed her with her artwork and knowing how to relate to her customers. My husband and I hope to be back up her way soon.  P.s. Everyone that visits me wants to know where I got my wonderful artwork. I do share. -- Vicky M.


The first piece I saw of Deann's art was the "Angel Watching Over You" I fell in love with it and it now hangs over our new grandsons crib. The colors are perfect for any decor. Love it! Can't wait to buy another piece. -- Terri F. Bloomington, Indiana


A year ago my daughters best friend Quincy was killed. Since then Quincys mom and I have become friends. I own a huge home decor business and Quincy worked for me also. She loved your style. Vintage/farmhouse. I told her momma I would decorate her office this year as a way to help her heal. I purchased one of your prints for her office. It's a white daisy. Quincy loved sunflowers but I wasn't able to find one with a sunflower. This one looks great. :-). Quincy loved Jesus and has inspired a ministry in Haiti since her passing. -- Chrysalyn Huff


Deann's art speaks to me on several different levels. The barns make me think of simple quite moments and the fields make me think of the delta when we were first married. There is one with a path leading to a house that makes me think every path leads to home even ones that are less taken. Then her churches and Angels what can I say but truly amazing peaceful. Makes me want to go in and sit down and just be in the moment. Her use of paint and colors muted and accented are absolutely beautiful. I know she is talented but also has a true gift that has to come from God. Only met her briefly 2 at a market in Jackson but she took time to talk with everyone who came up to her booth and went in detail with me on her work with the crooked path way leading to the barn/house and allowed me to voice how I saw it. She is truly amazing artist. Can't wait to see and hopefully own one of her original pieces not just the print. My daughter is only 19 but I know I will hope to have her paint the scene for her gift when she gets married since she too is a fan. Might even have to pull my dated photos out and she what she can do with 28 year ago pictures and make them a piece of art to cherish for 28 plus more years to come. Hopefully one day we can take a trip to visit with her and see the studio in all its rustic glory. Thank you Deann for sharing your gift your art. -- Melissa B. 


I feel in love with Deann's work when I found a piece on pinterest. It was to my surprise that she was going to be visiting my town, Austin over Christmas. I knew I had to meet her and see her work in person. The colors and unique way she captures the scenes in her paintings spoke to my soul. I ended up buying 2 large pieces for my home and get complements on them everytime we entertain. Not only was it fun getting to buy the pieces directly from her in person, she was actually the sweetest person...bringing me to tears with her kindness and talent. Owning her work is such a joy for me! -- Alison B. from Driftwood Tx


The first time I saw Deann's angel paintings, I felt an immediate connection to my brother and sister, who passed young many years ago. It was like they were speaking to me thru Deann. Never felt that way with any other object. I knew I found Deanns paintings for a reason. -- Liz C. 


I fell in love with Deann's art when I came across it on Instagram. It instantly evoked a feeling of peace, calm and warmth. I moved into a new home shortly after finding her work and built a room around one of my favorite works by Deann. It's everyone's favorite piece and room. -- Kat, Oklahoma


My wife was blown away by Deann's unique artwork she saw Deann featured on a local TV news story. I'd never seen her so excited about an Artist's work. We met Deann at her studio and looked at several of her paintings. My wife's birthday was just around the corner and I was able to secretly commission Deann to paint a special painting for her. My wife is a bit of a challenge to buy for. She was so shocked and thrilled by the painting. Since then, I've purchased two more of Deann's pieces, which she loves, and displays proudly in our home. Deann continues to be one of my wife's favorite artists. -- Don K.
Cotton fields remind me of my childhood and out many visits to Alabama to spend time with my great grandparents. I knew the second Deann pointed out her cotton fields painting that my grandmother would love it...even though art is very personal and risky to select for someone else. I knew it was perfect; she loves it!! Macon J. from Nashville, TN 


Deann's artwork immediately caught my eye at The Christmas Affair in Austin. The Angels spoke to me immediately because I lost my husband a few years ago and he's now my angel. My mom fell in love with Deann's Longhorns and bought a beautiful large painting that looks gorgeous in her bedroom. She bought me one of the Angels and it's one of the first things I see when I wake up and the last thing I see when I go to bed at night. I feel peace and comfort with it! I'd LOVE to have a commissioned painting done by Deann of my two golden retrievers in the style she paints... That would be the best❤️❤️❤️ -- Claire M. 


I met Deann at the Country Living Fair. My daughter bought me a painting which I fell in love with for watching her 2 year old while she homeschooled her 8 year old. Deann wrote a personal message on the spot and signed the back. I will treasure it always! -- Gail D. 


Deann's work, whether it's a cow, church, or angel, brings such a cool calmness to a room with the beautiful colors she chooses. I am so happy with the two paintings I bought my daughter in-law and she's over the moon. I look forward to Deann's future work. Love her! --  Monica P. 


I discovered Deann's work while searching the internet. My husband had business in Franklin, so I went with him. He dropped me off at the Fractory at Franklin so I could visit her studio and possibly find a piece to take home. After his meeting he came to the Factory to pick me up and while we were admiring her pieces through the closed metal door, Deann walked up. She had just dropped by to pick up something. She showed us a few pieces and I fell in love with an old barn landscape on a hill with a wooden fence surrounding it. It really spoke to me because I love old homestead places that bring back a feeling of simpler times. Her style of painting achieves this feeling like no other I have seen. I love her work! -- Tina Smith


I fell in love with Deann's art a few years ago. I saw one of her paintings in a magazine. A few months later I was shopping locally and came across one of her originals. The beauty and character is difficult to explain. Perfection comes to mind. I wasn't able to purchase that original painting but I have bought two prints which I absolutely love. I hope to purchase an original this year. -- Corina S. 


I bought my first piece from Deann from a local art show about 4 years ago. I enjoyed it so much that I commissioned another large painting that needed a specific look for over my buffet. She was great. The colors and look I had asked for were delivered to my doorstep. She is the main reason I attend the art shows every year. -- Cindy L. from Knoxville TN


I first saw Deann's work in Country Living magazine and was drawn to the colors and tecnique. Then when I knew I had to have a piece I couldnt decide because all of them reminded me of home and all the things I love. I have 2 now and would be happy to have another! -- Cindy F.  from Manvel Tx


I have loved Deann's art since the first time I walked by her studio in The Factory. Now I finally own my own piece and LOVE the way it looks in my own little modern farmhouse :) can't wait to purchase my next one! -- McKenzie V.


I fell in love with Deann's art as soon as I saw it! I have 3 of her prints in my home and they are so beautiful! I always look forward to seeing her new pieces. She is my favorite artist! -- Stacie W. 
I was with a friend in Austin whose daughter had been hoping for one of your works for a long while. I had not seen your work but was blown away. I bought 2 pieces , one for each of my grown children and a small barn with cotton for myom who grew up on a farm. When they were opened at Christmas everyone was so excited to have a beautiful painting. My husband loves it so much he told me to get an angel! Unfortunately they were gone but I did get a print which hangs in a place where I get to see if every day!!! I can not wait to see your new collection!!!!! -- Karen Lee


It usually takes me a LONG time to find the right piece of art. I stumbled across some of Deann's pieces on Instagram and immediately went to her sight. I loved the colors, the flow and the subjects. I immediately started following her feed. I had told my husband that I wanted a piece for my birthday. When she posted the 'Sufficient Grace' church, I knew that was what I had been waiting for! I was so excited to finally get it. I love all her work! She is truly talented! -- Cheryl M. 


I saw Deann's art featured in Southern Living, and since we had just moved into our new home, I immediately knew my blank dining room walls would be the perfect home for her art. Our home sits along a river, and her painting's textures and colors seemed to bring the outside in. I have two A Walk on the Wildsides hanging next to each other, and they are the most complimented pieces of art in my home. Thanks @deannart -- Carolyn 


I knew I wanted the original of "Cowgirls Are Forever"!!! I absolutely love it and it makes me happy seeing it in my lodge room. The colors are beautiful and I redecorated so that the whole room revolves around this artwork. I'm a North Carolina girl who always wanted to be a "Cowgirl." Thank you Deann for my beautiful painting!!!  -- Jody K. 


I just checked the tracking number and it said it was at my door!  It arrived in perfect condition and is even more beautiful than expected!! I ordered the “carry you” angel print for my mom for Christmas. My dad passed away last year on Dec 22nd, they had been married a month shy of 56 years. She has handled everything with such faith, grace and gratitude for the life that they shared, that I know the Lord had to have sent an angel to carry her through this  past year.
Thank you for using your talent to create such beautiful works that point us to our Creator! -- Joyfully, Kelly Hunter


I love your work!!!  I was having our Christmas dinner with my boss Tommy and his wife Carolyn. We were discussing some paintings in the restaurant we were eating in and I told her that I follow an artist on Instagram and she would love the work. I pulled you up and she said she knew you.  She got you to bring some paintings to the Maury Regional Hospital art show.  Small world!  I am truly inspired by your art. I love love love the churches and angels!!!  You have a true gift from God!  I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!! -- Best Regards, Nikki 


A note of thanks! The gift was a hit! Our worship leader was overwhelmed. The picture was greater than any expectation! What a Christmas it has been!! Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas!! -- Patricia F.


Your work is beautiful. I feel so lucky to have found you. Deciding which one to begin with angel for sure and as big as my walls. Love angels western flowers. Your talent is a gift to be cherished. -- Debbie B. 
She means so much more having just lost my sister to cancer. She was 49. I now have this beautiful piece to remind me of her.   Thank you for what you put in to make these heartfelt paintings.--Martha.


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