For years, I have created content with others in mind, but this time, I'm creating it with myself in mind.

Have you ever been through hard trials that have caused you to doubt yourself? These past few months, I've definitely let doubt and fear creep in...I've been held back by "analysis paralysis"...what if what if what if...

But I felt a calling to create these angels...for many reasons...I hope they speak to you as they have me.

Did you know that right this moment, you have angels on assignment, specifically fighting for you and personally protecting you? For the struggles of this world are not against flesh and blood, but a spiritual battle for our hearts and minds. And we are never alone in this! We have all authority of heaven on our side, even in the smallest of details. My desire for this collection is to bring our hearts and minds back to peace, back to understanding, back to love. For we have the King of Kings and a heavenly host of angels interceding for us. You are seen, pursued, and loved.

A collection originally released in collaboration with Proverbs 31 Ministries.

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